Ear Pain


Pain is a nasty sensation experienced by all of us in response to damage to bodily structures. Ear pain is often especially uncomfortable and may also be quite a complicated problem to work out. The outer, middle and inner ear can all play a part in the development of ear pain. Additionally, the ear has a nerve supply from a number of different nerves in the head and neck region. This means that pain experienced in the ear can be a result of problems at other sites such as the teeth, neck, jaw and throat. This is called “referred pain”.


Ear Conditions;

  • Outer and middle ear infections.
  • Cholesteatoma.
  • Ear tumours.

Referred pain sources

  • Teeth infection.
  • Jaw joint injury and infection.
  • Tonsillitis.
  • Tumours of the head and neck (Especially the voice box, tongue and mouth).
  • Spinal problems.


Laboratory tests and scans may be needed in some instances to identify the cause of the problem and to help ensure there is not a more concerning cause for the ear pain.


A detailed discussion with Dr Morrissey about the symptoms you are experiencing as well as a complete head and neck examination can help to identify potential causes while also assisting in ‘ruling out’ some more worrying causes.

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